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The Fantasy House:
We are an alternative lifestyle, “private on premise” house party. We invite all open-minded adults who enjoy the swing lifestyle, or those interested in learning about the lifestyle for socializing. We live life to the fullest and invite you to allow your fantasies to become reality. Adult means anyone that is 21 years of age and older and is mature enough to accept this open-minded alternative lifestyle.

Come and enjoy our 3,000 sq ft home on 3 secluded acres with more than ample parking, 5 play rooms that include a large inside curtain room and a 2 way mirrored voyeur room. There are 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, and a good size kitchen with buffet style appetizers for all to enjoy. There is a large social area with an 8ft pool table, 2 refrigerators, a bar with mixers included, a dance floor with pole and a screened in room with a 7 person hot tub with plenty of clean towels. There are smoking and non-smoking areas .
Our goal:
Is to provide a friendly, clean, discreet, adventurous party with a no pressure environment for open-minded fun adults. Our exclusive events are designed to introduce new couples, single ladies and single gentlemen, along with our seasoned swingers, to an alternative lifestyle.

Party size:
We never know exactly how many people will be at the party; our parties vary week to week. Keep in mind, alternative lifestyle adults by nature are adventurous, fun and exciting. So, SIZE DOESN’T MATTER!
What to wear:
Ladies: Most ladies in this lifestyle tend to dress a little bit more risqué', such as lingerie, short/tight dresses, etc. Some ladies dress as though they are going to a nightclub. However, you may wear whatever you are comfortable in. Keep in mind, you can bring your sexy clothes and change here.

Gentlemen: "Dress to impress" This is where first impressions come in to play!

We welcome all newcomers and singles. Feel free to ask any questions, so we can help make your experience at The Fantasy House enjoyable and comfortable.
 The most important thing for you to remember is that nothing is expected of you. You may simply dance, talk, or watch. We have many regulars that do just that. Of course, if you decide to participate, that's ok too! Our regulars are very respectful and will help to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. Remember, you are always in control.
Friday nights: are usually smaller groups and are much more personable and always a great time.
Saturday nights: are usually larger groups and have been known to get much larger with special events and it's always a great time.

Age group:
Our average age group is 35 to 55 although we do have people who attend that are younger and older. You must be 21 years old to attend our party.
B u s i n e s s S o l u t i o n s
We are your hosts, Debbie & Mike.

Please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our house parties and the lifestyle. We can be reached by calling (386) 804-0599. Please don't call in the morning LOL. You can call any afternoon or evening. Thank you!
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The Fantasy House
      News Letter

Have you ever thought I would like to host my own parties? well here is your opportunity! The Fantasy House is up for sale, this turn key party house is ready for you to walk in and start having parties the moment you take possession of the house. We have been having great parties for 10 years and it is time to let some new owners take it to the next level. Just give us a call to find out what it will take for you to start having your own parties TODAY!
             We can be reached by calling (386) 804-0599

The Fantasy House is for sale!